First you will need approval from your Home Owner Association. In most cases, you can submit the renderings along with the floor plan & dimensions we provide in the rendering phase of design and acquire approval from your HOA.

Most local municipalities require a permit for construction of a deck or any other structure you propose to build on your property.

We will provide you with an architectural plan set for you or your contractor to present to the local Building Department, and provide phone support and revisions in the event the official at the Building Department needs any additional information or detail.

First you need a plan...

Then you need approval...

Upon receiving all of your pictures, sketches, and other documentation, we will work up the first, preliminary renderings plus a floor plan with dimensions  and send back to you for your approval or for revision to get it just right.

It is helpful for this process for you to provide to us:

  • Pictures of the area to be affected by construction.
  • ILC/Plot Plan OR any other type of survey.
  • Dimensions of the house affected by construction.
  • Sketch or diagram with dimension of  area coverage​ of the structure.